Flyff (Fly for Fun)

Hey everybody. I know that I have already written about two other online games but I just really wanted to write about this one. Flyff is a really odd game but has some really cool bonus’ one of them is that if you find a high level person they will most likely give you quite a bit of money so that you can afford you armor and weapons. There are four jobs in Flyff, Mercenary (close ranged, swords and axes), Acrobat (sort of long ranged, yo yo’s and bows), Magician ( long ranged, wands and staffs), and assists ( knucklers, and some sort of stick) to get any of these jobs you have to be level 15 and to become a mercenary or an assist you stay in Flarine but if you are becoming a Magician you have to go to Saint Morning and if you are becoming an acrobat you have to go to Darkon. There are four skills you can put up intelligence (for magicians and assists, makes magic and buffs more powerful). Strength (for mercenaries and acrobat’s, don’t put up a lot of it  for an acrobat but keep a balance so you don’t have 80 dexterity and like only 18 strength, puts up attack strength for most things except wands). Dexterity ( for acrobats and if you want mercenaries but if you do put it up on a mercenary don’t put it up very much puts up bow and yo yo power and attack speed). Stamina ( for most jobs, puts up health and defense). In Flyff you start off as what people would call a Vagrant which is basically a begginer as a vagrant you get three attacks you can use you get the first one at level three, the second at level five, and the last at level ten. If you are becoming a mercenary then put four points on the first attack, max the second attack, and max the third attack but if you are becoming any of the other jobs don’t put any on them. The really cool thing is that even if you are becoming a magician as a vagrant you can still put up all of you points on strength because once you get your job all of the skills go back to fifteen (that is what they start out as) so you can still put up intelligence or whatever you need (this works for every job). Once you pick your job you have that job until level 60 which is when you get your second job. You are probably wondering why it is called fly for fun that is because at level 20 you can buy a board or broom that will let you fly around which will be a lot faster than walking especially if you have the best board (or broom) you go so fast you will never walk anywhere again once you have the best board.


All of the jobs are really fun but can be hard at times, like if you are an Assist you can decide to either have all intelligence, all stamina or a mix, If you have all intelligence than your buffs will last longer (buffs: abilities you can use to increase Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence etc.), If you are all stamina then you can go into high leveled places and buff people except they only last for like 100 seconds, but if you have a mix you will have quite high hp and your buffs will be quite long so I would definitely pick a mix but that’s not my choice. As an assist you usually give people buffs instead of attacking but the really cool thing is that you get some experience when you buff people. Assists can become either a Billposter or a Ringmaster. To become an assist you need five foforms which are the quest items you get from small, normal and captain mushpangs.


Magicians are one of the best jobs you can get because at level 15 ( if you put all of your points into intelligence and then max your first ability) you can already hit like 1000 which will make it really easy to fight high level monsters. The other good thing is that Magicians will also hit a lot because just like the monsters their attacks have different attributes so if you hit a water monster with a lightning attack then you will probably hit more than usual. It is really good to have a few magician friends to be in a party with because with only one magician you might die in a hard dungeon but with a few you will be able to easily go through it with almost no problems. Magicians can become either a Psykeeper or a Elementalist. To become a Magician you need ten twinkle stones which are the quest items you get from small, normal and captain aibatts


Acrobats are definitely a really fun job to have because you have yo yo’s and bows and since acrobats have te highest dexterity the hit the fastest which makes it so that even if you dont hit a lot then you will still hit fast. Acrobats have a starter skill for a yo yo called slow step and not only does it hit a bit more than usual but it also slows down the enemy for a couple seconds which will give you more time to kill it without it hitting you. Acrobats are also really good because if you are a bow person and you are a really high level there is an attack (it is actually one of the first attacks you get) it is called junk arrow when you use it at a low level it will probably miss quite a bit but when you are a higher level it is an awesome attack because you fir like threee arrows at once. Acrobats can become Ranger’s or Jesters. To become a Acrobat you need ten twinkle stones which are the quest items you get from small, normal and captain aibatts.


Mercenaries are probably one of the easiest jobs to train because they are so powerful and they are awesome on thier second job. Mercenaries are also really fun to train becasue they have so many attacks and all of them are quite powerful and fast. They are really awesome at second job because one of the choices is a blade and blades can hit so fast because they can hold two weapons and they hit just as much as knights except faster and with two weapons so they hit double damage. Mercenaries are also really cool because they have so much health so they can kill quite high level monsters without dying. One of the down sides of being a mercenary is that when you are flying and trying to attack a flying monster you have to keep clicking on it to attack and you cant use any of your special attacks. Mercenaries can become Blades or Knights. To become a mercenary you need five twinkle stones which you get from small, normal, and captain aibatt’s.

I hope you really like this game but until that happens enjoy the video below. The video shows what it will be like when you are flying.


Mabinogi in spite of it’s name is a really cool game. It is almost like Maplestory but with some weird twists, for example Mabinogi is a 3-D  game so you can walk forwards, backwards and side to side. The one thing in Mabinogi that I think is really cool is that you get older like if you choose to be ten then in a week you will be eleven.

In Mabinogi there are three “jobs” you can choose from they are, elf, giant and human. There are also titles that you’re character can earn and they will all do different things like putting up your stats or giving you more health

Humans are really good because they will get really strong as you level and they can wield two weapons which makes it so they can hit twice as much. Humans are also good because they are quite important in the various dungeons because they have so much health and stamina. Humans can go through a long and hard test that will allow them to become a paladin, paladin is actually a skill and when you use it you will get a bunch of really cool powers. Human’s are the slowest “job” because… Well, honestly I’m not sure they just are.

Elf’s are really good because they are mainly long ranged with bows and stuff. They are the only “job” that can’t use two weapons at the same time. Elf’s aren’t the strongest but they are the easiest to train because you will always have a quest to do and they all give you either gold or exp. They are quite fun to play as but they will get sort of boring just staying in Fillia (Elf city) so that is why both Elves and Giants can teleport to Tir Chonail (Human Place). The Elf’s are the fastest “job” because they are so tiny and when they walk they actually run.

Giant’s are obviously the most powerful because they’re just so big and strong. Giant’s are probably one of the best choices for beginner players because they like the elves are very easy to train because they also always have really good quests that give you either money or exp. For Giant’s it is really easy to get the title ” Golem Slayer” because they are so strong that they could kill the golem in the Ciar Dungeon at quite a low level. I am not sure what the giant place looks like because I don’t have a giant but I think that it would be covered in snow and ice. Giants are quite fast because they are so big but I don’t think that they are faster than elves.

Well, that is really all of the info you will need to play mabinogi but enjoy the video I have placed below this very sentence.

Jak 2

If you have ever been imprisoned for two years than you know how mad Jak is. It is the action packed sequel of the first Jak game Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. If you have already played Jak 3 then this game shouldn’t surprise you much because you do most of the same things but if you haven’t played Jak 3 then I guess its my job to tell you what this game is all about.

Well, first of all at the beginning of the game Jak and is ottsel (tiny little orange creature) buddy Daxter are imprisoned after they go through this rift that sends them into the future but once they get there jak is immediately sent to jail. During Jak’s time in jail he is zapped with dark eco and it seems to do nothing. But after two whole years Daxter finally finds Jak but he has changed a bit since there last encounter. Now he has the power to summon this dark eco inside of him and he goes into this rage and basically destroys anything in his path so ya its really cool. This power gives him the abilities to escape the jail and then he calms down and finds some… Unlikely friends and he ends up doing tons of crazy missions and I cant explain this game completely but I can say it involves a lot of blowing stuff up.

I will add more info when I get farther into the game but until then I guess thats it. Enjoy this video I added on.

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Hi everybody, today I want to tell you about a game for the DS and you can probably tell from the title it is the new Pokemon ranger game Shadows of Almia.

You start out as kid in this ranger school where you meet two unlikely friends Kieth and Rythimi. You learn all of the basics which kind of gets annoying unless you haven’t played the first game. At one point when you are still a student you have to go to this beach and calm down some Pokemon, there are three pokemon that need settling down they are Munchlax, Pachirisu and Starly, pick carefully, whichever one you capture will be your partner Pokemon when you become a real ranger it will be your partner Pokemon. After you finish the ranger school you are assigned to Vientown’s ranger base where you have to finish lots of missions. The one thing that is better about this game than the last is the fact that you can have more than one partner pokemon but you just can’t take more than one at a time. Usually you can get partner Pokemon by doing quests and then if you accept it as a member of your team it goes to the Partner farm in Chicole village. The  missions can get really hard because you have to go to a bunch of places over, and over, and over again and it gets REALLY annoying because Pokemon will keep attacking you even after you run away.

After a long time at the Vientown ranger base then you become the eleventh top ranger in the game where you meet up with the twelfth top ranger who you will find very familiar. After that you have to complete a series of really hard missions which will involve you to defeat some very hard boss’s which can get really hard.

Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten if I find out some more facts about it I’ll be sure to tell you them but until then, bye for now.

Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion Pack

Hi girls and guys, today I want to tell you about a really fun game. Its name is Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology is basically a war game where you get to choose a tribe and a god. The tribes are Norse, Egyptian, Greek and Atlantean. The Norse are my favourite because they can get dragons and their people are really strong. The best thing about the dragons is the fact that they can destroy cities in seconds. Once you have advanced to the last minor god you can save up and buy a titan. Titans are really powerful and big creatures that once you advance into that age you can make a titan gate and then you can get your workers to dig the titan out.

The Egyptians are a very good kind of people because they have really strong people. Also because you only really need food and gold unlike the other tribes who need wood but I would still recommend having a couple of people cutting wood so you can buy slingers and other archers which are good against people who are far away. But the best thing about the Egyptians is their mythical creatures because their myth creatures are extremely strong. They also have god powers that help there workers and myth creatures so that’s a bonus.

The Norse are a tribe that specialize in offense and buildings. They use warriors to build things instead of gatherers so you have a fighting skill and are able to build things which saves you money for buying infantry. But the best thing about them is the fact that they can turn there gatherers into infantry if they are in trouble. The one thing that they have an advantage over the other types of people is their god powers because you can use the Norses’ god powers to summon monsters like a Nidhogg (dragon) or you can turn your gatherers into super powerful warriors.

The Greek are a tribe that specialize in their villager improvements and ships. The Greek use their fast villagers improvements to gather tons of resources so they can buy ships, infantry or myth units so they can win battles easier. They are also very good because they can buy catapults which deal lots of damage to buildings so while your soldiers take care of the enemies soldiers your catapults can be destroying their buildings. The one minor god that you should always favor is Hephaestus because he lets you buy a massive myth unit called a Colossus which are basically a one man army so you want as many of them as you can.

The Atlantean are a tribe which mainly depend on hero’s’. But the thing that is special about the Atlanteans is that they can turn any human unit into hero’s’ which are even better than normal human units in fighting myth units because hero’s’ for some reason are a lot stronger against myth units. But the one thing about the Atlanteans is that their citizens don’t need to go back to the resource places because they can just pick up the stuff and it automatically goes to your total resources, but they train slower and are more expensive.

Well, thats all for now, see you all next time.

Spore Creatures

Hi girls and guys. Have you ever thought that something cute could turn into a powerful monster? Well, today I have come here to tell you wrong because in spore creatures you start out as this little creature but eventually you can turn into a giant powerful monster

Spore Creatures (for the DS) main storyline is that you are trying to find your friend Oggie. But along your way you need to battle vicious creatures so you need to transform yourself into a powerful beast. To do that you need to find body parts and then you find a nest where you can put them on your creature to make him/her more powerful. There are also body parts that give you firebreath, shields and healing abilities that help you when you are fighting your enemies.

There are lots of levels even I haven’t beaten all of it. Another thing you can do is recruit friendly units by calling them or this is the funny part dancing with them. Yes it’s true you can make friends with other creatures you can dance with them. I really don’t get the point of making friends with the other creatures because they barely do anything.

Well, so far thats what I know about it. I wil try and keep you posted on how far I get and all of the stuff I- find out about it.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Have you ever thought about going on an adventure with all of your favourite Disney characters? Well, now you can. It’s me again and today I am telling you about a really insanely fun game: Kingdom Hearts 2!

Well, to start with you would probably have to play the first game (Kingdom Hearts) to get an idea about what this game is about. But if you have played the first Kingdom Hearts then you will already know that the sequel will be as fun as ever.

Probably the biggest change is Sora’s abilities. Because in this game you have these things called forms and they let you either use two keyblades or you can shoot magic bolts. The five forms are Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final and Anti Form but you can’t unlock anti form. It is an annoying thing that is really bad put can be helpful sometimes.

Final form is the hardest to get because you only have one opportunity to get it, which is when you are fighting Xigbar in the final stage. For people who are at this point you should know that the only way you can get Final Form for keeps is to go into Valor or Master when Xigbar is not shooting at you then once you beat him you get it for keeps.

I have a trailer for the first Kingdom Hearts. Feel free to watch and until next time, bye for now. Oh one more thing notice the animation and hard work put into this video, it probably took weeks for this one video because of the good quality in it.

Super Mario Galaxy!

Hi girls and guys. Today I am writing about one of my favourite games. Super Mario Galaxy!

My favourite part of Super Mario Galaxy is becoming ghost Mario because you can go through walls. But still it is a really (really) long game and some of the worlds are hardish because you need to get past these vortex things that suck you up and make you lose a life.

But it is really fun once you get farther into it you can unlock a flying ability which is really cool because it stays for a long time. I haven’t found a website with cheat codes about it but one thing I know is that you can download cheats from a wii powersave but other than that I don’t know of any other websites that have any. I do however have a video of it.

Feel free to watch it but until next time, bye for now.