One Step at a Time

Hey everybody. Today’s post is inspired by the one on Chelsea’s blog. Chelsea asked us to write a post about what we want to be in the future. My future career choices I think would be either a robotics person or a mechanic (which ever one pays better).

The reason I want to be a robotics person is because I would get to build really cool robots that could help people. I would also like to be a robotics person because I could sell my robots for a lot of money and then keep some for myself so they can do stuff like clean up my house. I think that it would be really fun because I would get to make up designs for robots and it sounds really cool because I really like building stuff and I have some really cool toy cars that you get to build and you can make all different designs. I also think that a robotics person would be a cool job because when I don’t need the robots anymore I can make a robot that will blow them up or turn them into scraps.

The reason I want to be a mechanic is because I really like fixing machines and I think it would be really cool to learn about.I also want to become a mechanic because it looks really fun because you get to fix cars and trucks and work with really cool tools like welding torches. I also think that it would be a fun job because you would get paid quite a bit of money and I would be able to take a few bits of broken cars and then I could build something really cool that I might be able to sell for a bit.

Well, those are the reasons that I want to become either a robotics person or a mechanic. But I guess that is still quite far off so right now I will just stick with making little car robots.

The Robo Race!

“I bet my robot can pick up the tennis ball faster than yours can pick up the juice box” taunted Brenden, “No way my robot can own yours in a race to pick up a juice box” Alex retorted,” I seriously doubt that!” Brenden yelled back, “Then we’ll have a race, five o-clock, right here today,” Alex said back.” Deal, but we can make any modifications we want on the robots.” Brenden said back, and so the battle began…

So the two friends went their ways and immediately started working on their robots. But neither of them thought of any modifications to put on the robots. So they thought, and they thought, and they thought some more and well you get the idea. So at five o-clock they came to the track and began the race to see whose robot is better at picking things up. The track was a bunch of windy curves and the contestants (Alex and Brenden) have to pick up the juice box (or the tennis ball) and take it to the end of the track and whoever completes the race first is the winner.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” The referee shouted. Then BAM both the robots came dashing out to collect their objects. Both the Vexplorer (Alex’s robot) and the Vexbot (Brenden’s robot) quickly “ran” out to get their objects. The Vexbot quickly found its tennis ball and tried to pick it up but it kept rolling away. Meanwhile the Vexplorer had already picked up the juice box but had experimented some technical difficulties because it got stuck in one of the windy curves so both competitors were stuck. Finally the Vexbot picked up the tennis ball with its crane type conveyor belt and was speeding through the course. But wait the Vexplorer has just gotten out of the windy curve it was stuck in and is now catching up to the Vexbot. “It’s gonna be a photo finish” the referee yelled, and just at that moment both the robots finished. “And the winner is… It’s a tie?” The referee sounded confused “What!” Both Brenden and Alex said at the same time. “I guess I was wrong to think that my robot is better” Brenden apologized, “No it’s my fault” Alex said back, “O well at least we’re still friends” Brenden said.

P.S this never actually happened.