Every Picture is Worth a Story

“I don’t think you should do this, you could break your neck or your back or some other unimportant part of your body.” I said as my friend was going to jump off the railing onto the trampoline. “I’ll be fine, and by the way the back and the neck are important parts of your body.” Joe said. “I know I was just messing with you” I responded in my normal voice.


I eventually gave up and brought out a chair, and popcorn because if I was going to watch my friend jump off a railing onto his trampoline I might as well be comfortable. So him standing on the stone railing about to jump off and land onto his trampoline me just sitting there waiting to see if he would break any of his bones. He jumped off and in midair it started to look like he was going to do a belly flop onto his trampoline but then he straightened out and just landed on his knees.

Well, it just goes to show you, every picture is worth a story.

trampoline by: Aislinn Ritchie

4 thoughts on “Every Picture is Worth a Story

  1. I am with on two things:
    1. Jumping off a railing onto a trampoline is not safe.
    2. Every picture is worth a story

    One day, I had my picture taken jumping off the back side of a sand dune. I was not quite away of how steep it was until I landed. I rolled and rolled, and tumbled into a woods. (you would have to see the pictures and stuff to understand. . .probably) It was fun, but scary. Just goes to show that doing an epic jump is not always the brightest thing to do.
    -Zach, http://zachn604.edublogs.org/-

  2. Hello Kris! My name is Marnie and I am a sixth grader from Indiana(I’m also in Zach’s class). I linked to your blog through Miss W’s 2009 blog challenge blog and I think your blog is great! I really like the post about the picture because I love jumping on trampolines. I hope you come and visit/comment on my blog, I will leave the link below.



  3. Hi, my name is Ariel I live in Canada. Our teacher Mr. Pepper signed our class up for the 2009 blogging competition to and it’s helped me a lot with my learning skills and I would love to finally get my first visitor to comment on my posts!
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