5 Tips to Being a Better Blogger

Hello everybody today’s post is inspired by the one on Mrs.Waters blog. Now by the title I guess you know what this post is going to be about. So… Lets get to the tips.

  1. To write better comments try really thinking about what to write instead of just saying “Hi I like your blog” because that probably wont get you a lot of comments.
  2. Try inserting some pictures onto your blog for example if you have a post about candy get a picture that shows lots of candy.
  3. Then there is also inserting video’s into your blog post’s which will really get your audience interested and if they like the video then they will probably comment on it.
  4. But if you want lots of visitors then link to lots of blogs and they will get a pingback that shows that you have linked to their site then they will probably visit your blog and comment.
  5. But the one thing that will get you lots of comments is when you get a comment go to the persons blog and comment on one of their posts.

Well, there’s my tips to becoming a better blogger. See you all next time.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips to Being a Better Blogger

  1. Thanks Kris for entering the Edublogger’s First Birthday celebration. Great points about better blog posts. Videos are interesting. I’m sure that depends on whether your readers like the visual aspects and watching movies. I think the key is to mix it up so you have a variety.

  2. Thanks. I needed that! Great reminders. I get so into what I’m going to write about and appearance of my blogs that I forget to read and comment and basically, give back. I will do better now, with your tips. Take care.

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  4. Hello! You told me to comment on your blog, so here it is. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am happy that you did so. bye.

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